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In Burgundy, a winemaker may reserve a special barrel for friends and family. They call this barrel Soliste. L’ERMITE ROUGE defines the origin and the promise of Soliste. From one barrel only 27 cases of 750s were produced, bottled and waxed by hand. Although it hurts to part with so few bottles, sharing this special release with you, the very few that have been loyal supporters of our journey, fills us with joy and pride.

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As followers of the Soliste philosophy are aware, in 2009 we made the decision to return to the roots of Burgundy and the craftsmanship of the Cistercian monks of Vougeot to focus on single clones from single vineyards and matured in single cooperage: MonoClone® our amazing L’Espérance, Sonatera, L’Ambroisie, Nouveau Monde and Forêt.

From this disciplined approach, we realized we had a unique and rare opportunity to create a Single Cuvee from the other great barrels from each of our vineyards. We blended the best barrels together and aged to harmonize the once separated wines to craft Narcisse Pinot Noir -- an exceptional wine of great depth, fruit concentration and elegance, a pure representation of Soliste wines.

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The paradoxical concentration and intensity of L’Espérance embodies our philosophy: Focus on a single clone gave birth to this absolutely stunning Pinot Noir. Powerful, yet refined, what a pinot noir should be and rarely is.

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If L’Espérance is the most feminine, ethereal Pinot Noir that we produce, Les Griottes is the most masculine and enigmatic. Born from a legendary clone of great pedigree and situated on an amazing site in the middle of giant redwood trees. The wine density and concentration as well as its origins have created many debates and conversations around the tables of our friends. The 2016 Les Griottes possesses all of the great qualities and is reminiscent of the great wines around Vosnes-Romanée.

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