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May 2024

It is with profoundly heavy hearts we announce that Beth Plumley recently passed. She died on April 5, 2024, unexpectedly and suddenly while under treatment for cardiac amyloidosis resulting from her quiet journey with multiple myeloma. The days before were picture-perfect, and her passing was peaceful, with her husband Don and two adult children surrounding her with love.

Beth was the motive force behind joining our families, ultimately resulting in our greatest adventure, Soliste. She and Elisabeth Koeberle first met because of the original scary dogs, Chip and Gabby (the paw prints on our corks). They began walking dogs together and became fast and lifelong friends—practically sisters. It was Beth’s sister Debbie and husband Marne who founded Sonatera Vineyard, the family vineyard of our first vintage in 2005. Without Beth, the bottle of Soliste that has brought so many friends and families together at the table simply would not exist.

Beth and Don met at UC Davis 40 years ago and were married for 37 extraordinarily full years. Beth was a bright light, always happy, mindfully content, always eager to say yes, constantly reminding us that each day is a gift. She loved nothing more than sitting in a sunspot reading a book with her beloved doggies frolicking underfoot—and that’s what she did the day before she died.

Instead of flowers, please consider supporting the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation ( or Bad Rap (, from where we adopted our rescue dogs, Holly and Ronin. And you should definitely treat yourself to some ice cream.


The Soliste Family
laude & Elisabeth Koeberle
Beth & Donald Plumley


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