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June 2020



“The future depends on what we have the courage to do in the present.”
                                                             - Mahatma Gandhi

The 4th of July and our fourth release since the pandemic. Time to reflect on what Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness truly means. Just as we began to emerge from our home shelters, we were confronted with the deadly reality that the Declaration “all are created equal” with “certain unalienable rights” were only words and not a reality for all. A collective consciousness was awakened, not just here, but around the world. We know the name of George Floyd, but he is one of far too many.

We really did not know if we should consider another release at this time. Wine seems so insignificant compared to what is truly at stake. Wine, however, is our therapeutic Domaine. We know that with every new harvest, we have a chance at renewal, at erasing the fires, the drought, the viruses, the hatred - not from our memories but from our fears. Wine for us is the great connector of people. The dinner table is how we meet, embrace, share our lives with strangers and friends, from all religions, races, nationalities, creeds, and orientations. The table and our wines are agnostic and therefore it has no barriers and no judging, it is a truly a beautiful thing.

Many feel that 2020 should be a year to forget. It may very well be a year to remember, as it has united a global outcry for social justice, equality, and a future that to this point was uncertain in its promises. A peaceful rebellion against tyrannical forces is what democracies are built on. Gandhi never raised a hand, but his peaceful, rebellious action brought down the colonial British empire. Time does not judge well those that stand on the wrong side of history.

It is ultimately up to all of us to be part of the solution, not to stand on the sidelines but to truly get involved one block at a time. No child is born racist, antisemitic, xenophobic, it is a learned practice passed on and for what? As parents, aunts, uncles – humans – we should aspire to leave the world for the next generation a better place than we found it. Legacy is not inscribed on institution walls but in the soul.

4th of July 2020 – to the Pursuit of Happiness

Thanks to your overwhelming response, we have sold out of most of the wines offered earlier this year. So, we are digging deeper into other restaurant allocations for you as we remain eternally grateful for your support, heartfelt words of encouragements and especially for forwarding our newsletter to your friends, whom we welcome into our Soliste family. 


  • Nouveau Monde MonoClone Pinot Noir 2013
    (French for a New World...appropriate.) Our single vineyard, single clone and single French cooperage wine from a fabled block of Pommard. An exceptional vintage, drinking in its prime and perfect to enjoy this summer.




Please visit our website for my tasting notes. We deeply appreciate your business as this is a great help to Soliste as we navigate the rest of the year without restaurant orders.

For orders of six bottles or more of any of our wines, shipping will be complimentary. Please visit to order, or contact / 707-955-3005 for assistance. While warming weather is great for our spirits, it is not so great for shipping wine – we’ll be watching temperatures closely and work with you to get the wine to your cellar safely. 

On behalf of our families, please stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of one another in your neighborhoods. We can get through this when we show each other support, empathy, discipline, generosity, and the amazing resilient American spirit. It takes a village.

À Votre Santé,


Soliste Cellar

Nouveau Monde 2013: Elegance, Finesse, Precision

Expect great fascination from this incredibly aromatic, exotic and elegant Pinot Noir. Nouveau Monde is the pure expression of our Philosophy: To focus on a single clone to craft a wine that beautifully marries the virtues of both Volnay and Pommard. 

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L'Age D'Or from the Russian River Valley is aged for 16 months in 600L thick stave barrels results in a Chardonnay of great elegance, length and verve; very Meursault-like.

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“I know!” Claude exclaims with his index finger proudly pointing skyward. “Let’s make a blend of Semillion with some of our Sauvignon Blanc from Lune et Soleil, that should be perfect for Japanese food,” he announced.

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