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March 2020


In these unprecedented and extremely challenging times, our Soliste Family is thinking of you, your family, your friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Soliste was created by two friends, the evil twins: Claude and Don, for the joy to share memorable moments around the dining room table which creates convivial gatherings. We crafted our wines for the restaurants, to pair elegantly with food. As you are undoubtedly aware, hundreds of thousands of restaurants employing millions of dedicated servers, bussers, dishwasher, prep cooks, sommeliers, managers, and chefs have been asked to close their doors and go home, unemployed. Restaurants are one of the most important gathering places, creating social events, celebrating engagements, weddings, birthdays, births, reuniting old friends, and making new ones. They are our soul.

This dramatic event is especially close to Claude, who has been a chef for 50 years, and co-owns restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He lives his life to entertain and share his table with great enthusiasm. This is how Don and Claude met, and thus Soliste was born.

We completely endorse that all measures need to be enforced to create physical distance and isolation in order to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus and assist the medical comunity with a manageable response. However, the financial pain this will cause is dramatic. We are heartened by the resourcefulness that some restaurants are able to respond with take-out and delivery services. The human spirit is always at its best in the darkest of times. 

Just as with our restaurant family, this will be a very challenging time for wineries, and Soliste is not immune. Being mindful of the situation we are all in, since you temporarily cannot enjoy Soliste at your favorite restaurant, we have selected two wines typically sold only to restaurants and we are offering them to you at our restaurant-direct wholesale price. Perhaps you can enjoy these bottles with take-out or delivery from a local restaurant and support them as well.

Les Cailles Chardonnay has only been sold before to The French Laundry, and Narcisse is our blend of our Monoclone® Pinot Noir vineyards created specifically for restaurants.

In a few short weeks or months when life begins to return to normal, you will also have a few bottles remaining to share with your family and friends around your dinner table once again. We impatiently await the sound of glasses clinking together, cheering the renewal of joyful life. Claude and I are eagerly planning a legendary dinner and night together…

On behalf of our families, please stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of one another in your neighborhoods. We can get through this when we show each other support, empathy, discipline, generosity, and the amazing resilient American spirit. It takes a village.

À Votre Santé


P.S. Current allocations remain available and the six bottle complimentary shipping applies. Please ask if you have difficulty adding your allocation to your shopping basket.


Soliste Cellar


As followers of the Soliste philosophy are aware, in 2009 we made the decision to return to the roots of Burgundy and the craftsmanship of the Cistercian monks of Vougeot to focus on single clones from single vineyards and matured in single cooperage: MonoClone® our amazing L’Espérance, Sonatera, L’Ambroisie, Nouveau Monde and Forêt.

From this disciplined approach, we realized we had a unique and rare opportunity to create a Single Cuvee from the other great barrels from each of our vineyards. We blended the best barrels together and aged to harmonize the once separated wines to craft Narcisse Pinot Noir -- an exceptional wine of great depth, fruit concentration and elegance, a pure representation of Soliste wines.

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Narcisse 2015 is sold out! We have opened the 2016 restaurant allocation for you.

If you remember the story of “Never Say Never” and the adventure that produced 2010 L’Age D’Or Chardonnay, we made reference to another wine called Les Cailles. From a small section of the vineyard we fermented the grapes Sur Lie in Ermitage Cigar Barrels for 16 months.

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