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April 2020


Hunkering down to keep each other healthy for a better tomorrow.

One of the great qualities of the human spirit is its resiliency and ability to adapt, especially in times of crisis.

Not in our wildest dreams, would we have imagined such a generous and warm response to our previous newsletter and release. We have also received many heartfelt notes of encouragement and well-being from you and they have made our days much, much brighter. We are eternally grateful, and we are thinking of you, your family, your friends, and loved ones.

Wine, in our opinion, is the ultimate connector of people. Open a bottle (or more in our case) with complete strangers, and soon, just as the wine opens up in the glass, so do people. The dinner table is not a competitive arena, and “breaking bread” is simply not only an expression, it is the meaning of who we are – social beings. The dinner table is where we share our joys, pains, laughter, travels, celebrations, weddings, deaths, births, and intimate life stories around that table with that great bottle of wine. The dinner table is the celebration of life and the reason we have lasting memories, and this is why we make Soliste. The memories of growing up in Burgundy where 4 generations would gather at the Sunday Table for hours and hours, has molded my entire life, family, and friends. When Don joined me in Burgundy years ago for his initiation to French debauchery, for the weeks that we spent we could have made a sequel to the movie Sideways – but it would have been a documentary!!!  

This last month has been trying for the entire world as we face an invisible enemy together. One thing is certain, we must and will rise to the challenge and show our true sense of community, empathy, kindness and help our neighbors that are less fortunate. As it is closest to me, restaurants have been especially hurt by this scourge and the entire food chain is in chaos: farmers, fishermen, butchers, bakers, dry good suppliers, wineries, cooks, chefs, sommeliers, waiters, busboys, dishwashers, valets, managers – no one has escaped.

Together we observe and experience something so humbling for humankind, which touches every business, every economy, and the way each of us lives our lives, we aim to be a source of light. We are immensely grateful to all the medical profession, their staff and first responders that are risking their lives for all of us, and the many, many, that go out of their way to keep all of us supplied with groceries and other daily needs.

Because of the great response and support that we have received from you, we are reaching in our cellar and offering 3 wines again at wholesale prices; since you cannot enjoy them at your favorite restaurants, we hope that this will bring you joy. Your generosity and support have made and continues to make a meaningful impact into the life of Soliste Winery. Please visit our website for my tasting notes.

  • Les Cailles Chardonnay, Reserve 2015. We are sold out of the 2014 Les Cailles Chardonnay (Incroyable!). I told Don, “It was aged for two and a half-years in Cigar barrels and Puncheon, this is the perfect occasion to share with our loyal customers.”

  • Les Griottes MonoClone Pinot Noir 2014. This is the restaurant-only version of our coveted L’Ambroisie – our single vineyard, single clone and single French cooperage wine. Les Griottes has been featured on the wine list at Carbone, Coi, Eleven Madison Park, Gabriel Kreuther, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Marea, Mirabelle, Per Se, Providence, Spago, and other fine restaurants.



During this unusual period of global uncertainty and disruption, we would like to send you and your family and friends our warmest wishes and our deepest gratitude for your support to help keep Soliste’s cellar doors open as this is one of the great joys of our lives.

À Votre Santé et Merci Encore,


Soliste Cellar


If L’Espérance is the most feminine, ethereal Pinot Noir that we produce, Les Griottes is the most masculine and enigmatic. Born from a legendary clone of great pedigree and situated on an amazing site in the middle of giant redwood trees. The wine density and concentration as well as its origins has created many of debates and conversation around the tables of our friends. The 2014 Les Griottes possesses all of the great qualities, and his reminiscent of the great wines around Vosnes-Romanée.

Sold Out!
Les Griottes is sold out! We are offering 2012 Forêt to fulfill the unexpected demand.

If you remember the story of “Never Say Never” and the adventure that produced 2010 L’Age D’Or Chardonnay, we made reference to another wine called Les Cailles. From a small section of the vineyard we fermented the grapes Sur Lie in Ermitage Cigar Barrels and Puncheon for 30 months.

Sold Out!
Sorry - this wine is Sold Out!

Inspired by the great late Didier Dagueneau, Lune et Soleil is crafted from a single organically farmed vineyard. The wine is 100% pressed whole clusters and aged in a 600 Liter barrique of special thick staves to minimize oxygen transfer and there is no malolactic fermentation to preserve acidity, verve, and length.

Sold Out!
Sorry - Lune et Soleil is Sold Out!