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2014 MonoClone Pinot Noir Set

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The ultimate MonoClone® release of the outstanding 2014 vintage

Our fascination with the great red Burgundies comes from the singular aromatics and complexities that are born in unique vineyards but a few kilometers apart. It is why we undertook the challenge and risk to focus on each specific clone of Pinot Noir that is best in harmony with each vineyard site – our Single Vineyard, Single Clone, and Single Cooperage wines – MonoClone®.

This exclusive set of our MonoClone Pinot Noirs allows you to experience the distinct clonal differences and precise vinification of the 2014 vintage. The wines in this set include:

•    2014 Forêt MonoClone Pinot Noir 
•    2014 Solitaire MonoClone Pinot Noir 
•    2014 L’Ambroisie MonoClone Pinot Noir 
•    2014 Nouveau Monde MonoClone Pinot Noir
•    2014 Renaissance MonoClone Pinot Noir
•    2014 Sonatera MonoClone Pinot Noir

In addition to the prix-fixe set, you may also select any of these wines a la carte in any combination you desire.

THE 2014 VINTAGE, Once in a Blue Moon.

Our two favorite vintages (so far) have been 2010 and 2011. These 2 vintages were polar opposites as far as growing season and the challenges that mother nature threw at us, yet they both produced amazing Pinot Noir. The 2010s were deep, rich, round, with earthy tones and great depth; 2011 were vibrant with precise fruit and spectacular spice, herbal, and with brisk acidity. Remarkably, 2014 is a combination of these two vintages, and the wines are simply magical. Because of its DNA and fragile temperament, it is extremely rare for Pinot Noir to hit all the right notes, the 2014’s are a once in a blue moon remarkable vintage.

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  • In 1098 the Cistercian Monks laid the foundation for naming the Burgundy crus 
  • The Duke of Burgundy and his decree safeguarding the quality of Burgundy wines 
  • Phylloxera destroys European vineyards in 1860
  • In 1949 Raymond Bernard saved Pinot Noir and created Dijon Clones
  • Really, over 1,000 clones of Pinot Noir?