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Beauty and the Beast Vertical Release

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/ 6 bottles, 1 bottle each
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Out of the Shadows Syrah: 2013, 2014, 2015

Northern Rhone comes to Sonoma

Forêt, Pinot Noir, MonoClone: 2014, 2015, 2016

Winner of the Pigs and Pinot Smackdown

We have chosen these Syrah and Pinot Noir to create two verticals from our cellar library. They are the perfect expression of each cépage and will adorn and compliment your table this fall and winter. Since it takes quite some time to braise these marvelous dishes, you will have plenty of time to enjoy a glass or two (as we do) while the oven is doing its duty and you and your friends are held captive. 

Out of The Shadows Syrah is a muscular, powerful wine with trademark Soliste elegance, length, and balance. It has the finesse of a great Côte Rôtie or Hermitage but the animal power of a Cornas. It also has the ability to age for decades.

Forêt MonoClone Pinot Noir is an exceptional wine of great nobility that has been heralded by critics and sommeliers for its depth, complexity, power, gaminess, and exotic spices…Le Chambertin West.

Here are the tasting notes for each of the wines:

Each vertical includes 1 of each bottle - 6 total

Read the Stories of:

Claude and Don visit the Cellars of Marcel Guigal in Ampuis - the inspiration for Out of the Shadows

Forêt and the Ultimate Sommelier Smackdown at Pigs and Pinot

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